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    Henan Hongtai Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in May 2002. The company is located next to National Highway 311 in Zhangji Township, Taikang County, Zhoukou City, Henan Province, 2 kilometers away from Shangzhou Expressway, with convenient transportation and beautiful scenery. Hongtai boiler has a garden style The factory has a total area of ??50,000 square meters, including 16,000 square meters of standardized main engine production workshop, 1,000 square meters of office area, 25 licensed technicians, 2 senior engineering and technical personnel, and 20 chief engineering assistants and various professional and technical personnel. Provide guarantee for the design and production of qualified boiler and pressure vessel products.
        Hongtai boiler main products: electromagnetic steam boiler, electromagnetic hot water boiler, electromagnetic steam generator, oil and gas steam boiler, oil and gas vacuum hot water boiler, oil and gas atmospheric hot water boiler, oil and gas drying hot blast stove, gas direct combustion High temperature hot blast stove, fuel oil indirect hot blast stove, gas pure air hot blast stove, gas heat conduction oil stove, biomass steam generator, biomass hot blast stove, biomass heat conduction oil stove, biomass atmospheric heating hot water boiler, biomass pressure Hot water boilers, biomass organic heat carrier heating furnaces, biomass direct-fired hot blast stoves, oil and gas boiling water boilers, electric boiling water boilers, electric steam generators, electric atmospheric hot water boilers, electric heating hot water boilers, electric vacuum hot water Boilers, low-nitrogen condensing vacuum hot water boilers, phase-change indirect hot water boilers, heat-conducting oil electric heaters, gas-fired water-steam-water dual-use boilers, various conventional and customized pressure vessels, flash tanks, steam-water separators, sub-cylinders, steam Multiple series models of products such as storage tanks, air storage tanks, reaction kettles, stainless steel stirring tanks, and enamel reaction kettles.
        Hongtai Boiler maintains close cooperation with many large thermal energy manufacturing and research companies, and pays attention to the research and development, promotion and application of clean energy and new energy technologies. In recent years, it has successively developed ultra-low nitrogen condensing indirect heating hot water units based on the original products. New ultra-low nitrogen emission products such as boilers, ultra-low nitrogen condensing vacuum hot water unit boilers, ultra-low nitrogen condensing atmospheric hot water boilers, and ultra-low nitrogen steam module boilers are widely used in textiles, printing and dyeing, papermaking, food, rubber, plastics , Chemical, pharmaceutical, iron and steel, metallurgy and other industrial products processing process requires steam, hot water, hot air, hot oil and other media to heat, and can be used for heating in enterprises, institutions, hotels, schools, restaurants, service industries and other industries , Bathing, air conditioning and domestic hot water.
        Hongtai Boiler's corporate vision: fully promote energy-saving and emission-reduction products, do a good job of low-nitrogen emission products, and make contributions to improving the ecological environment!

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    Hongtai Low nitrogen and oxygen boiler