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  • Hongtai Hotline(WeChat)?Hongtai Hotline(WeChat):13839468258

    Henan Hongtai Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd. official website welcome your visit, please contact us with the following contact:
    Office: 0394-6772166
    Sales Section: +86 13839468258 (Manager Li)
    E-mail: hongtaiboier@qq.com
    Headquarters Address: Zhoukou City, Henan Province, Taikang County Zhangji Township 311 State Road North
    Financial Information
    Company Name: Henan Hongtai Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    Bank: Agricultural Bank of China branch of Taikang County
    Account number: 16-563201040001854

    Business information
    Unified Social Credit Code: 91411627MA46UHLY1W

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    Hongtai Low nitrogen and oxygen boiler