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    CWNS integrated condensing atmospheric pressure fuel (gas) hot water boiler is a three-way, full-wet back structure. The fuel is burnt in the furnace under micro-positive pressure, and the high-temperature flue gas enters the first threaded tobacco pipe bundle along the back into the combustion chamber along the furnace, and the compressed front cigarette box is turned 180 degrees into the second tube bundle, and passes through the heat exchanger rear row. Into the atmosphere.
    A three-return atmospheric hot water boiler with a large capacity is designed by adopting the design idea of ??a centrally symmetric three-return structure. The biggest feature of this boiler: the center of the drum is symmetrical, the boiler adopts the all-wet back structure, with the structure of the inner tube and the eccentric fire box, which is beneficial to expand the sufficient radiation heating surface. The convection heating surface is composed of a second return and a three-pass tube bundle. The front tube plate of the flashback chamber is connected to the furnace. The second return and the third return torsion chamber constitute the front smoke box, where the temperature of the smoke is below 500 °C. Therefore, the structure of the front smoke box uses a lightweight structure of refractory insulation material. The water mixing device installed in the backwater inlet of the boiler first flushes the pipe bundle of the pipe and then contacts the furnace to improve the water temperature of the returning water contacting the furnace. Avoid local boiling.
    The horizontal condensing atmospheric hot water boiler uses a corrugated furnace, a threaded pipe and a fully automatic welding process to greatly improve the efficiency, service life and safety performance of the boiler.
    Introduction of CWNS integrated condensing atmospheric pressure fuel (gas) hot water boiler
    Boiler design, manufacture and inspection are produced, inspected and tested according to JB/T7985-2002 "Technical Conditions for Small Boilers and Atmospheric Pressure Hot Water Boilers" and JB/T related standards.
    The flue gas process adopts a water-fired jacketed three-return arrangement, a wet-back structure, and a large heating area. The inner tank is corrugated bile (or straight furnace), the fire box is asymmetric eccentric structure, and the convection section is combined with a threaded tobacco tube and a light pipe to optimize the composition. It is equipped with high-quality imported burners (low NOx burners). The harmful components in the flue gas are lower than the national standards and are environmentally friendly products. Complete combustion, low noise, safe and efficient, and environmental indicators are in line with national requirements.
    The exhaust port is equipped with a condensing heat exchanger, and the water vapor in the condensed flue gas absorbs the latent heat of condensation, thereby improving the thermal efficiency of the boiler. The boiler body is connected to the atmosphere, and the expansion water tank is arranged to operate under normal pressure without any safety hazards.
    The boiler can be equipped with advanced touch screen computer controller and digital computer controller. The controller has timing control, work record, alarm detection function, and can add factory time lock.
    The boiler operation realizes automatic control, the water temperature is automatically adjusted, the boiler automatic ignition program is started, and various alarm interlocking protection devices are provided to ensure efficient, safe and reliable operation of the boiler, and the installation and use are relatively simple. The perfect shape design, elegant and fashionable, compact structure, beautiful appearance, the overall fast loading factory.
    The scale alarm function (optional) monitors the water quality of the heated surface in real time, and once it exceeds the standard, it automatically alarms.
    Corrugated furnace features
    1. Increase the radiation heat exchange area and improve the thermal efficiency.
    2. The quasi-rigid structure becomes a quasi-elastic structure, effectively eliminating stress.
    3, fuel burning efficiency is high, to ensure that the fuel can fully burn.

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