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    Steam Boiler

    WNS Oil/gas steam boiler

    WNS Oil/gas steam boiler

    WNS series fully automatic fuel and gas steam boiler adopts horizontal three-pass wet back structure; the smoke pipe is placed in water, equipped with finned tube condenser and perfect heat preservation outsourcing design. The smoke box seal adopts a labyrinth structure to avoid the smoke box. The phenomenon of smoke leakage; the inner and outer cylinders have corrugated furnaces with better expansion performance. Combining the size of the furnace and the flame diffusion, the flue gas flow area is successively reduced, so that the flue gas flows at a constant velocity to ensure the high temperature flue gas in the furnace Heat exchange time to achieve excellent heat transfer effect; the thermal efficiency of the condenser device is as high as 90% or more; the use of single-chip intelligent control to optimize the ignition, the combustion state is automatically adjusted to make combustion more complete, save fuel, and reduce NOx emissions and pollution; intelligence The energy-saving control system controls the boiler and steam (water supply) system, and adjusts the fuel supply in combination with different loads, which is more energy-saving; the installation method is an integral quick-installed boiler, with low vibration, no special requirements on the foundation, and no anchor bolts. Installation is simple and easy. The movable burner structure can be matched with various burners, and the burner can be replaced and the furnace body is convenient and quick to repair; the front and rear smoke boxes adopt a movable detachable structure, which can easily inspect, maintain and maintain the inside of the boiler, which is simple and convenient , The product design is novel, the structure is reasonable, and the process performance is good.
    main feature
    1. The design, manufacturing, and supervision and inspection of boilers are in strict accordance with "Steam Boiler Safety Supervision Regulations", JB/T 10094-2002 "General Technical Conditions for Industrial Boilers", JB/T 1619-2002 "Technical Conditions for Manufacturing Boiler Shell Boiler Body" 》Performance to ensure long-term safe and stable operation of the boiler.
    2. The body is a pot shell type full wet back and three-pass downstream pyrotechnic tube structure. The flame burns in a large combustion chamber with slight positive pressure, fully extended, low combustion heat load, low NOx emissions of harmful substances, and optimized use of the heating area. According to the principle that the heat exchange of the furnace is proportional to the 4th power of the temperature, the effective radiation heating surface is large, and the heat absorption of the furnace radiation accounts for a high proportion of the total heat absorption.
    3. The structure of corrugated furnace and threaded smoke tube not only improves the strength, but also meets the needs of thermal expansion of each part.
    4. The main welds are welded by butt joints, and undergo X-ray and ultrasonic nondestructive testing to ensure that the welding quality meets the steam gauge requirements.
    5. The boiler has large water volume and gas space and strong adaptability to load. The reasonable design of the boiler has a low steam carrying rate and meets the higher requirements of users for steam quality.
    6. The use of new thermal insulation materials, light weight, less heat loss, and good thermal insulation performance.
    7. The water level alarm adopts stainless steel sensor and PTFE as insulation material. Insert from above, it is not easy to hang dirt, reliable performance and long service life.
    8. The front and rear smoke boxes are connected by hinges, which can be opened easily, which is convenient for maintenance and maintenance.
    9. Oxygen content adjustment (optional): This function monitors the oxygen content in the flue gas and transmits the data to the control system in real time. Through computer intelligent analysis, it automatically adjusts the ratio of the combustion equipment to make it live in real time. In the best working condition, the combustion efficiency is greatly improved, which can greatly reduce the fuel consumption.

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