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    Steam Boiler

    WDR horizontal automatic electric steam boiler

    WDR horizontal automatic electric steam boiler

    WDR type electric heating steam boiler uses electric energy as energy source. It is a horizontal high-power boiler. It can be used in single or multiple units in parallel. It operates without noise, clean and pollution-free, and smokeless gas. The separation method of the furnace electric control cabinet is adopted to prevent the electrical components from being heated and aged quickly, which affects the service life; the heater assembly uses stainless steel electric heating tubes, has low surface load, high thermal efficiency and long service life; and adopts a single small flange connection for convenient maintenance; Its normal service life is about 20,000 hours, its thermal efficiency is nearly 95%, and it does not emit NOx (nitrogen oxides) to the atmosphere. The operation part adopts electric boiler special control system, which has grouping and equalization start function, and can be set to run for four time periods every day. Convenience.
    Feature highlights
    1. Stainless steel electric heating tube, each group of electric heating elements adopts concentrated beam type flange connection, independent setting, simple structure, high mechanical strength, safe and reliable, and convenient replacement.
    2. The boiler has fast starting speed, good steam quality, large adjustment range of running load, fast adjustment speed and simple operation.
    3. The heating element automatically adjusts the input group of the heating tube according to the temperature difference and the load change, and can automatically convert the input order, which not only saves energy consumption, but also equalizes the running time of each group of heating tubes, thereby uniformly heating the life of the tube.
    4. The heating element can also be manually put into or stopped, which is convenient for the user to adjust the heat of the boiler flexibly.
    5, using intelligent boiler controller control and display, by setting its working pressure, working time and other functions, can display equipment status, operating parameters and fault alarm; with reliable performance, high degree of automation, easy to use and so on.
    6. The outer casing of the main engine is insulated by aluminum silicate board, and the living parts are covered at both ends to facilitate installation and maintenance, ensuring long-term energy-saving operation of the boiler.
    Protective function
    1. Leakage: After the control system detects the leakage of the heating element, it will automatically cut off the power automatically.
    2. Water shortage: When the boiler is short of water, cut off the heating tube power in time to prevent the heating tube from dry burning, and the controller will give a water shortage alarm indication.
    3. The furnace shell is overheated: the boiler stops running immediately.
    4. The power supply is abnormal: the boiler stops running immediately and the sound and light alarm is linked.

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