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    YLZK-W4 Runtech Boiler controller

    YLZK-W4 Runtech Boiler controller

    YLZK-W4 series boiler computer controller is a new generation of fuel and gas boiler computer controller introduced by our company by absorbing foreign advanced technology, combining the actual needs and specific applications of domestic boiler control, and adopting modern computer control technology. It is suitable for automatic control of oil and gas steam boilers, pressurized hot water boilers, atmospheric hot water boilers and heat conduction oil boilers. It has high reliability, high degree of automation, convenient use, simple operation, rich functions, flexible control, and beautiful appearance. The advantages of complete varieties and high performance-price ratio.
    This machine is suitable for the control of small fuel and gas steam boilers. It has automatic control functions such as boiler water level intelligent control, steam pressure control, limit low water level alarm and interlock protection, high water level alarm prompt, super high steam pressure alarm and interlock protection.

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